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Sunday, July 12, 2009


if u read my blog before..
u know that i sew butterfly pouch more than one..
actually more than 10..
since i also sew them for my cousins and friends..
which i'm not mentioned it here..

last friday,
i got an email from someone..
asking me whether i sell the butterfly pouch or not
as u know, i make the pouch using a free pattern from paper-and-string
so i replied no to her..

but then,
after so much of thinking..
i emailed Sarah..the owner of paper-and-string
to ask her permission for selling the pouches..
and i also put some links to my blog
for her to view the pouches..

and guess what..
Sarah replied my email!

" Hi Dayang,
Thank you for your email & sharing your photos :-)
The free pattern is really for personal use, but because you have changed the applique I think it is ok to sell some..maybe you can link to the tutorial so others can join in the fun!
I'm so glad you enjoy making them :-)
Sarah x "

that's so generous of her..
for giving me the permission..
and in return,
i promised her to put the link of the tutorial in my blog..
and also at my side bar..
[will update later..i have some prob with blogspot..]

*click the picture for the tutorial*