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Tuesday, August 5, 2008

1st book..

sy beli buku nie secara x sengaja..time tue sgt2 xde duit..tp ade perasaan ingin beli novel..so bli la buku nie since harga die rm19.90..hehehe..

novel nie super duper best..here some review from the website..
Singletini (noun): 1. A glamorous and increasingly common kind of girl, typically found in urban setting. 2. One possessing an unusual fear of growing up and settling down.

For a girl like Victoria Hart, being a singletini means life’s a continuous party. The aim is to have fun with no thought for tomorrow. So she’s delighted when she finds a job that involves her favourite thing – becoming a wing woman, helping shy guys navigate the perilous dating scene in Chicago.

But while she’s happy with her life the way it is, her friends are moving on in the real world with jobs, houses and relationships. Hadn’t they made a pact to be footloose and fancy free with her forever? Soon Victoria begins to realise that going solo might not always be the best option.
A delicious cocktail of glamour, fun and true love, this is a sparkling romantic read that’s not to be missed.

p/s: sy sgt mls nk bercerita ttg LI nie..since sy n fida LI kat tmpt yg same n stay together..so pgi la blog die..die pndi skit bercerita..hehehe!!!


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